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Rob’s Car History Past & Present

Rob’s Car History Past & Present

By way of an introduction and rather than telling you how I enjoy reading and long walks in the country or whatever else people put in bio’s I though i’d just post up my car history. If you’re a died-in-the-wool car guy you’ll probably get a much better idea of who I am that way anyway!

Like a lot of petrolheads of meager means my car history is interspersed with some gems is but largely made up of cheap, mediocre turds – usually a necessity whilst waiting to buy the next cool thing… or while paying the price of the last cool thing!

Here goes:

998 Austin Mini (field car)

My first ever car, bought from the scrap yard for £50. Bolted on a loud exhaust and blasted round the field behind my house all summer. Despite 10 acres to play with I Still managed to crash it into the wall of the field!

998 Austin Mini

My first road car. It only cost £350 and looked like it only cost £350 too! Still I thought it was the best thing ever. It got some 10” minilite alloys and straight-through exhaust

Ford Escort Diesel estate

1.8 Non turbo – possibly the slowest thing I’ve driven!

Peugeot 106

1 litre. Second slowest car I’ve driven, but First car that would do over 100mph! Only downhill thoughRob's Car History

1300 Austin Mini

This thing was my first modified car. It had wide arches, 13” revolutions, adjustable camber arms and rear trailing arms, Full Janspeed exhaust and alloy inlet manifold. I ported & polished the head myself which worked really well except for the fact that it used to chew through head gaskets. Must have changed it at least 10 times – learned loads with this car.

Peugeot 205 gti 1.9

Loved the way this car looked but was disappointed in every other way. It was rattly, flimsy, not that quick and it didn’t even sound that good. Still thought I was the dogs danglies driving it round at 19 or 20 or whatever age I was at the time

Rob's Car HistoryFord  Escort Saloon

Blew up on the way home from the dealer – no oil. Got my money back and bought the Rover

Rover 400

Proper old mans car but actually had decent performance

Suzuki RG125

First bike, little 2 stroke screamer. Great fun. Smokey as F**k

Honda VFR400

One of the best looking bikes out there. Single sided swing arm, proper race replica. Sounded awesome too and was properly quick compared to all the cars I’d owned to date. Sadly the VFR got knicked and that was the end of my biking career.

FreshFix: Rob king's Car HistoryAudi S2 Quattro Avant

This has to be one of my favourite cars I’ve owned. The S2 is the quick version of the Audi 80. It has 4 wheel drive and the awesome 2.2 litre 5 cylinder Turbo motor out of the original ur Quattro. Mine was remapped to about 280bhp and lowered. It was really quick and sounded incredible! Wish I’d kept it, they’re worth a fortune now!

Rob's Car HistoryMk 4 Golf

Used more oil than petrol.

VW Jetta

Deadly car. Bog standard 1.6 diesel, non turbo. Never have I had so many people offer to buy a car off me as this Jetta

Audi A4 Avant

Remapped 1.8 turbo, had this one for quite a while. Quick enough not to be too boring a very practical

Audi A3

Nice, modern, but ultimately Forgettable

Westfield Hayabusa Turbo

Insane. Quickest thing I’ve driven. 350bhp at the wheels and a shade under 500kg’s Started life as my daily driver with a 1.8 Ford Zetec motor which I rebuilt with Dunnell stage 2 head, cams and twin Weber 45’s. Did a few track days and hillclimbs and gradually ended up as a track-only car with the bike engine conversion, 10” slicks and no windscreen, roof or doors

Rob's Car History

Mazda MX5

Standard mk1 road car. Should have hung on to this one

Davrian Solo Stiletto

This is a race car from the 70’s/80’s modsports/silhouette era. It was based on the Hilman Imp/Sunbeam Stiletto but had a fibreglass and aluminium honeycomb monocoque built by Davrian cars. Rear engine and super light weight at 450kg’s!

BMW E39 525

Meh. Nice engine

Peugeot 206 GTI

Big engine, 180bhp, small car, great seats. Shite everything else

VW Polo


VW Passat

2 litre tdi bluemotion with the DSG box – you couldn’t find a more perfect family wagon.

EK Civic Race Car

Current Hire car. Loud. loads of grip. Great car to learn in. Good craic!

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